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  • si3n4 ceramic bushing
si3n4 ceramic bushing

si3n4 ceramic bushing

Si3n4 ceramic bushing.
Custom made by your drawing.
Form method: Gas Pressure Sintered Si3N4.
Dimension:Custom Made by your drawing.

Si3n4 Ceramic bushing with below advantage:
1.Good thermal shock resistance,Antioxidants at high temperatures resist hot and cold shocks
2.High Wear reistance.Good surface of roughness,when the si3n4 ceramic bushing works, Low noise and low friction. 
3.Excellent strength
4.Good wear resistance. its service life is 10 times than metal material.

Seamark Ceramics Custom made by your drawing, from seamark Ceramic you can give below service:
1.Good quality according to your drawing.
2.On time deliver time.
3.Techincal support.
4.Design, research & development of materials.

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