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si3n4 ceramic parts

si3n4 ceramic parts

Si3n4 ceramic plunger.
Silicon Nitride Ceramic pin Advantage.
1. Strong corrosion resistance, can be used in strong acid and strong alkali. It is not soluble in hydrofluoric acid except hydrofluoric acid. It does not react with other inorganic acids.
2. Extremely high temperature resistance, silicon nitride ceramics at 1200 °C, the strength, hardness almost unchanged, can be used in a high temperature environment, will not melt into a melt after heating, will not decompose until 1900 °C.
3.Good strength with high wear resistance. Low friction coefficient.its working service is 10 times than metal.
4. Non-magnetic, electrical insulation, low thermal conductivity, can be used for insulating materials.

Seamark Ceramic company has advanced molding, sintering, precision processing equipment, as well as a group of senior scientific research personnel and skilled technical personnel. We can develop, produce and process various structural ceramic products according to customer drawings. The product has high dimensional accuracy and stable performance.

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