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  • pump zirconia ceramic plunger
pump zirconia ceramic plunger

pump zirconia ceramic plunger

Dimension: OD22.2*178mm.
Surface of roughness:Ra0.2.
Good wear resistance. 

Zirconia ceramic plunger property:

 1.Good surface of roughness in ceramic plunger,Seamark ceramic plunger with good surface of roughness after grinding. our surface of roughness can reached Ra0.02.It can reduce and the coefficient of friction between contact media, and improve the service life.

2.Ceramic plunger connected with metal through high temperature glue or heat sealing mechanically,and they have good mechanical strength and it can connecting reliable.

3.The inner cavity surface adopts a fluid structure without dead ends or grooves. The inner surface of the cavity and the surface of the plunger are matched with the advanced high-precision inner and outer circular grinders to the mirror surface, and the outer surface is vibrated and polished to facilitate cleaning and disinfection.

4.Zirconia ceramic plunger with high hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant performance.

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