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  • BN ceramic crucible
BN ceramic crucible

BN ceramic crucible

 BN ceramic crucible.

1.High insulation, high thermal conductivity, low loss.
2.High temperature.Tha max high temperature can works in 2000 degree. 
3.Machinable. The BN ceramic material with poor strength, It is easy to machining.The hardness of Mohs is 2, and it can be machined into high-precision parts products by general machining methods.
4.The coefficient of thermal expansion of low coefficient of thermal expansion of 2×10-6 is second only to quartz glass, and it is the smallest among ceramics. With its high thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance is very good.

The service you can get from Seamark Ceramics:
1. Small order available.
2. Deliver time on time.
3.Professional techinical support.
4.Precision dimension.

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